Supa Q&A

If you have not heard already the EP Hurt Everybody was released on our nations birthday July 4th by the Chicago native Supa BWE and a few other underground Chicago artists. We got a chance to have a sit down the other day and discuss the project with Supa during his release party & BBQ.
While sitting with the artist we got a chance to discuss how it feels to finally release Hurt Everybody. “I feel a huge sense of relief, there’s a lot of anxiety that comes into the project especially when there’s so many ways for it to be critiqued” said Supa. The EP has artist such as Carl, Alex Wiley, Kembe X, Iman Shumpert, Khori and others. On the producing side, there are producers like Mulatto Beats, Smoko Ono and Zen Zan. With such a wide range of artist Supa says “its because were a do it yourself band its not just oh that beat such or that verse sucked its those necessary critiques to create the EP and those fears are now alleviate because its out now and were getting a great reception on it.”
When speaking to fans during the BBQ one fan said “hearing the project is refreshing because it not like anything that is out right now.” The EP has tracks that range anywhere from a mellow feel with a deep meaning like “Hurt,” to a more up beat partying style with cleaver wordplay like “In Seoul” which were produced by Supa and Zen Zan. It is something you would expect by an artist who is influenced by people such as Corn, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Rick James, Prince, and both Michael Jordan & Jacoson. When listening to song like “Slept All Day”, “Treat Me Caucasian”, “My Pack” you can see how these influences play a roll in the tracks and how they get their unique sound.
In his final thoughts Supa said he would like to thank Erick Montenes, Alex Wiley, Mic Jenkins and everyone who has been helping us for the love and they know who they are.